About us

We found ourselves wondering about what to eat next, where this and that food come from, what that particular food does to our brain/heart/muscles/guts, what that particular dish would taste like if we are to replace the anchovies with shrimp paste etc..

Food is such an integral part of our lives, we imagine it being the same for others. We started Foodnote to initially influence those close to us to raise more questions, to experiment with different food ingredients, to get them into the mood of cooking at home, eventually we want to get them together and create an edible experience for them, each and every time unique yet fun. Ideally our creative service (creating edible experience) is for hire.  What is there not to like if we can play with food and eat it too?

Foodnote is Yvonne and Meng’s brainchild. Yvonne is an illustrator-cum-food scientist, while Meng is a photographer-cum-cultural theorist, both are living in Hong Kong.