Kaffir lime leaves 甚麼葉?

Kaffir lime leaves have a distinctive hourglass shape. They grow in pairs, attached to each other end to end. They are dual-toned, with dual textural finish. The upper side is dark green in colour, and covered in a glossy sheen, while the underside is a lighter green with a matte finish. The leaves are widely used in Thai and Laotian cuisines. They are either used whole, steeped to release its great piquant aroma then removed, like in tom yum soup, or as fine chiffonade (very thin slivers) in fried fish patties for example. Next time you want to give your stir-fry, salad, curry, or soup a refreshing kick, try fresh kaffir lime leaves. If you can’t get hold of the fresh leaves, they are also available dried or frozen.

1) 果仔外皮不好看,有點像痲瘋病患似的。
2) 泰國料理中的香料四大天王之一。
3) 一嗅就知道是東南亞料理的味道。
4) 果皮可成為咖喱的重要元素。
5) 葉片是上下兩片,好像連體孖胎。
6) 厨師愛用作炖湯,炒菜,造魚餅都可以。
7) 祖先來自印度,聖戰期間到歐洲開枝散葉。
8) 用水煮煮可以用來滅蚤呢。
9) 直接吃可以預防感冒啊。
對喇,就是泰國青檸葉 - 卡菲爾萊姆葉。