Look-choop ลูกชุบ (綠豆沙甜品)

Look-choop is a Thai dessert originated in the royal palaces of ancient Siam. The royal family ate this dessert made with a sweetened mung bean and coconut paste. Each look-choop candy would be skillfully shaped into a small fruit like mangosteen, banana, orange, or a vegetable like chilli, carefully painted with food colouring, then coated with a thin glaze of agar agar. It is important that food prepared for the royal family to look as good as its taste. As time goes by, the recipe for this special dessert has escaped the high walls of palaces. The dessert is now available in many food stalls across Thailand. The fun in devouring these candies is with one clean bite, the firm agar agar skin will tear, with the fragrant and soft coconut milk-mung bean paste bursting into the palette. It almost tasted like a snowy mooncake except the loop-choop has a firmer skin.