Hainanese chicken rice 海南雞飯

Hainanese chicken rice originated from the Hainan island off southern China. It is a dish widely adapted by Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. There are a few but complementing components to this dish. Each country has their own version. Here we will explain in greater details the Thai version of this chicken rice dish.

First of all it is the chicken. Some still believe it is important to choose free range chicken of local breeds as it is leaner and tastier. But an increasing number of large scale farmed chickens are being used these days. The chicken is steamed until just cooked and deboned. Second of all it is the fragrant rice. The rice grains are fried in chicken fat then cooked in chicken broth to give it that sheen, and a slightly off-white colour. For the soup, it is a clear chicken broth containing slices of daikon. The spicy sauce comprises of yellow bean paste, thick soy sauce, chilli, ginger, garlic, and vinegar. As for the garnish, occasionally chicken blood tofu is present, and often times slices of crunchy cucumbers and coriander are there to add some colour and contrasting textures.