Frozen pea 急凍青豆

Freezing is a form of preservation. It has minimal effect on taste and texture of most meats and vegetables.
Frozen peas are a staple in our freezer. We’ve never had a chance to grow our own, but we heard fresh young peas are the sweetest. We tried getting “fresh” peas in their pods from the market once, but they tasted nothing like the frozen version. We were guessing by the time the peas in pods were available in the market, they may have been on the road for a long time. That is when the sugars in the peas had converted to starch by the time we bought them. Whereas the frozen peas are shelled and frozen immediately after they are picked. We are so lucky we don’t have to wait for the right season to come to enjoy peas. Frozen peas are available in the supermarkets any time of the year.
Our favourite ways to enjoy sweet peas is in soup, or with spicy chorizo in pesto over any shape of pasta.