Tamarillo 食果果:樹蕃茄

Tamarillos or tree tomatoes are small oval-shaped fruit with cranberry-hued, glossy smooth skin. The average fruit measures 6 to 8 cm lengthwise, and 4 to 6 cm in width. It originated in semitropical high altitude Andes forests of Brazil and Peru, and is widely grown in New Zealand as a commercial crop. Tamarillo belongs to the nightshades family amongst relatives such as tomato, eggplant, tomatillo, and chilii peppers. Cut the fruit across and it will look almost identical to that of plum tomatoes. The flesh is juicy, sweet-tart, flavourful, with small, round, but edible seeds. The umami taste in a tamarillo is a hybrid of tomato, passion fruit, and kiwi fruit . However, the thin skin is rich in tannin that imparts a bitter flavour. Tamarillo is usually eaten without the skin. Cut and scoop like you would with a kiwi fruit.