Silver needle noodle 米篩目

This long, white, translucent, tapered noodle is native to Guangdong Dabu county invented by the Hakkas. The noodle was given a rather indecent name “rat’s tail” although the tapered shape does resemble a rat’s tail. It was later renamed “silver needle” to make it more enticing. The noodle is made by mixing rice flour (made from long grain rice) with water to form a dough, kneaded, then ground over a grater or a plate with round holes under which a big pot of water collects the tapered noodle. Sometimes cornstarch is added to the rice dough to give it more chew and to reduce breakage during cooking. The silver needle can be stir-fried with sauces, vegetables and meat, or cooked in soup stock. The noodle is served at hawkers’ and road-side stalls, popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guangdong, and Fujian.