Fennel 茴香


Fennel is sophisticated in its aroma complex as well as its significance in many cultures especially the Mediterranean’s. Here we want to refer to two stories that we choose for you just in time to celebrate the upcoming Summer Olympic Games.

The first is about how the Titan Prometheus in Greek mythology gave fire to humankind, and the second has to do with the Greek town Marathon.

One day Prometheus left Olympus to live amongst the people. He quickly realized they were suffering from starvation, hunted by wild beasts, and were shivering in the cold. “If they only had fire,” Prometheus thought to himself. He begged Zeus to give fire to the people to help them through long months of winter. Zeus refused, but with his intension to help mankind, he stole a spark from Zeus’ lightning bolt and stored it in a tall stalk of fennel. Prometheus brought the fire back, taught the people how to warm themselves, and cook their food with fire. Zeus was furious when he found out, and had Prometheus chained to the side of Mount Olympus to suffer there for all eternity.

Besides being the place where the Marathon race is originated, this town named Marathon in Greece actually has a special meaning: the word Marathon literally means “a place full of fennels”. It was believed the town was given this name because of the abundance of fennel plants in the area. The Greek had flags made with fennel stalks to announce their victory in the Greco-Persian Wars.

Enjoy The Games while you munch on a plate of refreshing fennel salad!