Do pine nuts worth the high price? 松子

Why do pine nuts cost so much? That is because pine nuts have to undergo labour-intensive processes to reach our table. First of all, pine nuts don’t just grow in a few weeks like vegetables. It takes roughly 18 months to 3 years for pine nuts to mature. The nuts are actual seeds from pine cones of certain types of pine trees. The pine cones will bud in the beginning of spring and will continue to grow until the end of summer. They will lay dormant during fall and winter until they reach maturity the following spring and summer or longer. When the cones are harvested, they are dried in burlap bags under the sun for 20 days. The cones are smashed, where the seeds are separated from the cone fragments by hand. This is not the end, there is still a second shell that needs to be cracked and removed. So what do you think? Is the high price of pine nuts justified?


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