Meet the sugars @ PMQ

【Taste Library #4 : Meet the Sugars 糖氏宗親會】

白糖、黃糖、黑糖、代糖 — 除咗呢D之外,大家對糖嘅了解仲有多少? Taste Library 與飲食體驗設計團隊FoodNote,跟各位介紹糖氏宗親會中其他有趣成員,以最切身的方法,感受最不相同的甜

Besides white sugar, brown sugar and sweetener, how well do we know the sugar family that we can’t live without?

Invited by Taste Library, eating designer group FoodNote will introduce us to the interesting members of the sugar family to show us how distinguished and special each sweetness can be.

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