Pork floss (Rousong) 肉鬆

Pork floss (or rousong) is a dried meat product that is light and fluffy resembling cotton candy. To make pork floss, the meat is first stewed like you would with pulled pork, then shredded when the collagen in the meat that holds together the muscle fibers has broken down to gelatin. The shredded meat is strained, then dried in the oven to remove most of the moisture. It is then mashed and fried without any oil in a wok until all moisture has evaporated. This is a tedious and time-consuming process with a low yield (5 kg of meat yields only 1 kg of floss). It is too convenient to buy from vendors.
Serve pork floss over congee, savoury soy milk, and tofu as toppings, and as filling for some bread buns or pastries.