Coconut milk 椰奶

Coconut water and coconut milk are not the same. Coconut water is the thin and clear liquid enveloped in the coconut husk and flesh. Once the softer of the three “eyes” in the base is punctured, the liquid will flow when turned upside down. Better yet, insert a straw through the punctured eye and drink directly from the vessel. The water has received a lot of attention lately for its complete electrolyte balance ideal for treating acute diarrhea especially in the developing world and rehydrating athletes upon intensive workouts. But don’t throw away the husk and the flesh just yet! It takes a bit of muscles to crack the husk and scrape the flesh from the husk, but the fresh coconut milk with the cream is all worth it! Once the flesh is removed from the husk, it needs to be pureed in a blender with a bit of hot water. Strain the pureed pulp through a sieve lined with a cheesecloth and press out all the liquid. Fresh coconut milk doesn’t sit well in the fridge for more than 2 to 3 days. So drink away while it’s fresh from the squeeze! p.s. Only mature (brown) coconut will have flesh thick and rich enough to process into coconut milk and cream. The younger ones have softer flesh that can be easily scraped off and eaten directly.