Oden 關東煮

Oden (おでん) is eaten in Japan in winter time. The dish has a number of ingredients simmering in a light dashi (kelp-based and soy) stock. Sold originally from food carts on the street, oden makes its way to some households, restaurants and has become a staple in convenience stores. Ingredients vary according to region and between each household. The most common ingredients include daikon rounds, hard boiled eggs, konjak (knots of noodle strands made from a bulb-tuber), konbu kelp, tofu, surimi products (different shapes made with fish paste).

常見的關東煮添加劑:山梨糖醇 Sorbitol(保濕),卡德蘭膠 Curdlan (加彈性),磷酸鹽 Phosphate (防腐、黏合作用)。