Hong Rui Zhen 洪瑞珍

Have you ever had one of those Hong Rui Zhen sandwiches? How do you like them? To us, the differences between Hong’s and the ordinary sandwiches are 1) the softness in the slices of bread, the bread is too soft we couldn’t tell if we are eating bread or sponge cake. And 2) the whipped cream-mayonnaise blend that is spread between the bread and the filling is so sweet we seriously thought we were eating a cake.
Currently Hong Rui Zhen does not have any distributor in Hong Kong. Those being sold in Hong Kong are distributed by individuals who probably brought them back from Taiwan single-handedly without any proper refrigeration during transport. Consuming any cooked food left at room temperature for more than 3 hours is at high risk of contracting food-borne illness. Unless ordinary mayonnaise spread is used and/or pickle slices are distributed evenly throughout the sandwich, then the acidity in the mayonnaise and the pickles will make a not-so-ideal breeding ground for bacteria, making the sandwich safe even after 3 or more hours without refrigeration.